Long Story, short: 

Formed together from across New Brunswick, Canada, the Austin Eatman Band is a high energy, alt-folk group that blends wispful songwriting with eclectic dance rock foot-stompers.  

Long story, long:

The Austin Eatman band is formed up of and shaped by four musical compatriots from all around New Brunswick's burgeoning music scene.

The rhythm section comprises of local legends, Joel Arsenault (of Divine Heist) and Bob "Big Orange" Fitzgerald (Earthbound Trio) on percussion and bass, respectively.

Joining them on lead guitar is the relative newcomer to the scene, first time band member, long time musical scholar  Murray O'Dell. 

Helming the project is Austin Eatman, known for his tireless songwriting and performing as often as humanly possible, he's brought this group together to further his goals of global music domination and to put on a can't-miss performance that has risen the band to prominence through sheer word-of-mouth alone.

Having released their ill-timed EP "Broken Radio" shortly before a global pandemic suspended their touring dreams, the band has been thrust back into the saddle, ready to show the world why they've missed live music so very much.

The sky's the limit for these fellas!*



Sky not yet proven to limit the Austin Eatman Band





E-mail: Austineatmanband@gmail.com