"High energy songs like “Sweet Kate” and “Perpetual Fire” are sure to be crowd pleasers, the kind of rhythmic toe-tappers that are specifically designed to get an audience moving. "” - MAGGIE MCLEAN


Austin Eatman Band


Formed together from across New Brunswick, Canada, the Austin Eatman Band is a high energy, alt-folk group that blends wispful songwriting with eclectic dance rock foot-stompers.


Helmed by the tireless singer/songwriter Austin Eatman; alongside local legends in the rhythm department, Joel Arsenault (drums/vocals) and Bob “Big Orange” Fitzgerald on Bass with relative newcomer, but long-time music scholar Murray O’dell on lead guitar, the Austin Eatman Band has turned out one can’t miss performance after the other that has risen the band to prominence through sheer word-of-mouth.


Taking on the moniker of Alt-folk, to allow for a blend of genres to influence their unique sound, the Austin Eatman band has only ever had one goal in mind…


To show every audience why they’ve missed live music so very much!

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